On site

Now that planning permission for the remediation project has been granted, you will begin to see more site activity.

Site team
The project is being managed by Derbyshire County Council, and the site team will number about a dozen at anyone time. RemedX, the lead contractor, is a remediation specialist and Fitzwise will be operating the excavation equipment.

Site services
Water and power services have been brought onto the site, along with a temporary welfare unit for use by site staff in their breaks.

Plant and equipment
Excavators and plant are on site to be used in the remediation process, along with our new windrow turner (see ‘Remediation process’).

Vegetation removal
We finished the removal of any remaining trees and vegetation inside the fenced remediation area ahead of the bird-nesting season. Suitable harvested material has been used to create woodpiles in the country park as a habitat for wildlife.

Borehole installation
We have installed 19 boreholes within the country park (8 within the fenced lagoons area) to continually monitor ground water quality and depth. We will also be monitoring the water in the brooks and the various other drains in the country park. This monitoring will provide a record showing the watercourses in the surrounding area are not affected as a result of our activity.

Foul water discharge
The water collected in the lagoons area will continue to be discharged to the foul drain under licence from Yorkshire Water.

Soil remediation
The main task of soil remediation began in late April 2012. The process is explained in ‘Remediation process’.

Working hours
Site activity including deliveries to site, transportation off site, excavation and windrow turning is restricted to 7am–6pm Monday–Friday and 8am–12noon on Saturdays. It should be noted that bioremediation is a continuous process but no operational activity other than routine maintenance will take place on Sundays or public holidays.

Grassmoor lagoons
Grassmoor Lagoons