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Soil import recommences. 28th March 2014
We are due to recommence the import of clean soils from the Hagg hill site in Tupton from Monday 31 March. We apologise in advance for any delays or inconvenience these essential vehicle movements may cause to residents and local businesses.

Excellent progress being made in treatment volumes despite the weather. 25th February 2014
Despite the recent bad weather, progress has been steady and we completed a record treatment and backfill volume during December. We anticipate that progress will be even greater once the drier weather returns.

We are currently consulting with the County Council Planning Officer about the removal of the disused culvert from the lagoons to the Grassmoor Brook within the Country Park; the removal works will start once our proposal has been approved.

Excavation of the largest lagoon (Lagoon A) is over a third complete and this means that we have treated almost two thirds of the tar known to be in the lagoons.

We hope to have completed the bulk earthworks by the end of 2014, which would allow the works, including landscaping, to be completed by the end of 2015.

New treatment pad and short-term closure of the temporary path. 16th October 2013
Remediation works are progressing well on site. A new treatment pad has been constructed and the main treatment bed has been re-profiled to increase the volume of contaminated materials being processed. The subsoil import has begun and will continue, bringing in clean soil for landscaping.

Works will be starting in the main park area from Wednesday 23rd October in preparation for excavation of a contaminated culvert. Initial works will include the re-location of the main site track and fencing. A cable diversion will also be undertaken by Western Power. The excavation of the culvert is due to commence in November; this will be weather dependant. All works should be completed by early December. Temporary paths will be closed off as they cross the main excavation area; the public right of way will not be affected. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Subsoil import has begun and will continue, bringing in clean soil for landscaping

11th September 2013. The import of soil to the site has begun
The pedestrian gates along the site access track will be temporarily cordoned off for your safety. Maps indicating diversions are posted for your information.

29th August 2013. Temporary closure of main haulage track gates to ensure safety of park users
The import of subsoil to the Grassmoor Lagoons site will be starting imminently. In order to ensure the safety of park users, the gates leading across the main haulage track will be closed during the day for the duration of the subsoil import. A diversion has been created to enable park users to still enjoy the full country park. Your patience is appreciated.

13th August 2013. Advance notice of lorry movements for import of subsoil
Works will shortly be undertaken to import clean soil to the Grassmoor Lagoons site from a housing development site at Higgs Farm off Birkin Lane. The materials being imported are clean and will be used for final landscaping of the site once remediation works have been completed.

Derbyshire County Council and RemedX appreciate that this may potentially be a disruptive operation, and are putting measures in place to minimise the disruption and impact on the local community.

Bringing the soil in will involve around 30-50 lorry loads per day, operating between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday only and for a period of about 5-10 weeks.

Lorries will be transporting the clean material from Higgs Farm, through Temple Normanton to the Grassmoor Lagoons site via the entrance off Mansfield Road, Corbriggs. The empty lorries will be returning to Higgs Farm via Grassmoor. This one-way system is intended to minimise impacts as far as possible on traffic movements in the local area.

The in-coming lorries will be covered to minimise dust and lorry wheel washing will be undertaken prior to leaving the Grassmoor Lagoons site. Dust suppression will also be undertaken along the track to the site and a road sweeper will be available to ensure no materials are left on the main roads.

Using soil from a local source reduces the environmental impact associated with the disposal of unwanted soil from the development site to landfill; the transportation impact of importing soil from more distant sources; and importantly, ensures we have a soil that is suitable for the landscaping required to complete the project.

Should you have any queries or comments, or wish to visit the site, please don't hesitate to contact us either via the contact section of this website or by telephone 08449 800759 or 07970 186273.

12th August 2013. Excavation start in the south-western area
Site works are continuing with the excavation of the largest Lagoon (A) in the south-western area of the site. The drain investigation works in the park have been completed and further works in this area are planned in the coming months. The treatment bed is currently full, awaiting sample results. Backfilling of treated materials is on going.

Excavation start in the south-western area

17th July 2013. Temporary closure of 'unoffical' paths for public and worker safety
Investigation works around the old outfall culvert are due to commence on 22nd July. The area affected is adjacent to the site access road from the old carpark at Corbriggs. The areas surrounding the works will be fenced off to ensure safety of the public and the site workers. This will involve temporary cut off of some unofficial paths. We will endeavour to keep disturbance of park activities to a minimum and appreciate your patience.

23rd May 2013. Amphitheatre works complete and mine cap investigated
Works have now been completed in the amphitheatre area. Excavations were undertaken on the western side of the amphitheatre in order to locate suspected tar tanks and treat the contents. No tanks were discovered so the need for tar treatment was therefore not required.

Excavations were undertaken on mine shaft 007 located at the northern part of the amphitheatre area to ensure the mine cap was in place due to a noticeable depression in the area. Excavations revealed that the concrete cap was secure and the inspection hole revealed sufficient fill in the mine shaft. The subsidence was due to natural settlement of the fill materials placed over the cap.

The excavated areas in the amphitheatre have now been backfilled and will be re-seeded in due course.

Excavation works on the largest Lagoon on site will continue once the treatment bed has been emptied ready for the next batch of windrows.

6th May 2013. Excavation in the amphitheatre area of the Grassmoor country park
Site investigations undertaken by DCC show that there maybe a buried tar tank in the amphitheatre area dating back to the coke works on the site which operated from 1918 to 1940.

The position has been located by a geophysics survey. Works currently being undertaken include excavating down to the tar tank; removing any tars that maybe present to the Grassmoor Lagoons site where it will be treated by the bioremediation process currently being undertaken.

These works are due to completed within 1 week; the tar tank will be backfilled and the area re-seeded or re-turfed.

Following this, investigations will be carried out at the subsiding area of the amphitheatre and necessary actions undertaken to remedy the area. The date is yet to be finalised for this work.

The areas surrounding works will be fenced off to ensure safety of the public and the site workers. This will involve temporary cut off of some unofficial paths. We will endeavour to keep disturbance of park activities to a minimum and appreciate your patience.

Please do not hesitate to contact DCC or the site manager if you require any further information.

4th April 2013. Excavations in the largest lagoon on site have now started
Works to clean up this lagoon will be ongoing for some time, almost to the end of the clean up phase of the project.  Excavations of the other two smaller lagoons are almost complete and works to backfill these lagoons continue. Works on the treatment bed are ongoing, despite the cold weather.

Excavations in the largest lagoon

7th February 2013. Works continue despite weather
Works have been continuing despite the cold weather.  Excavation in the large lagoon has been ongoing and is now partially being backfilled. Windrows are being continually created and turned.  Batch 3 windrows are currently being moved off the treatment bed ready for batch 4.

Excavation and treatment

Treatment bed refilled for Christmas
Works are progessing well on site despite the wet weather. The second batch of windrows has almost completely been removed from the bed and backfilled on site. Batch 3 windrows will be created this week and the treatment bed will be full for Christmas. A new machine has been brought to site to continue excavation of the main lagoon.

Interest in Grassmoor has extended internationally with website visitors from the States and India and a site visit from Taiwan!

Excavation and treatment

30 Oct 2012: Site works are going well
A small lagoon in the south western section of the site, has been mostly excavated. Excavation and treatment is on-going in a lagoon  located in the central part of the site. The second batch of windrows (these are the long stockpiles of soil that are being remediated, see photo) are sitting on the treatment area currently under-going sampling.

Excavation and treatment

Remediation nears end for the first batch of windrows on site
Works are progressing well, although the site has been quiet for the last couple of weeks as the treatment area has been filled and samples taken of the windrows from batch 1. The majority of the windrows have passed the concentration levels required for backfill. Works are ongoing with excavation in Lagoon C and will continue in Lagoons D and E to form batch 2 windrows.

Working hard to mimimise odour release as excavation and treatment work begins
Remediation works are well underway and progressing well. One small lagoon has been excavated on the eastern side of the site and the treatment of the material removed is taking place using the windrow turner. Excavation of one of the larger lagoons is also underway.

As anticipated, these works are releasing some odours; the Grassmoor team are working to keep these odours to a minimum, although some may still be noticeable. Odour suppression sprays are working to reduce the odours emanating from the excavations and clean soil is used as a cover wherever possible.

Remediation works

Grassmoor gets the green light to start remediation works
The Environment Agency have agreed for remediation works to begin on site through the issue of an environmental permit. Works will begin on Monday 30 July, starting with the excavation of the small buried lagoon next to the main treatment area.

Planning conditions discharged – clean-up work begins
On 1 June 2012, the Planning Officer confirmed to main contractor RemedX that all of the pre-commencement conditions have now been satisfactorily discharged and that work may commence. The alternative temporary car park has been open a few weeks and is working well.

RemedX require one final approval from the Environment Agency with regard to the environmental control measures for the treatment of the tar and then the main remediation work will commence.

Getting ready to construct the temporary car park
The final design of the new temporary car park off the Mansfield Road has been finalised and construction work will commence, once approval is received from the Planning Department. The new layout will be suitable for at least 10 cars. A headroom barrier will prevent larger vehicles from using the area. A temporary sign to indicate the construction entrance is also to be erected.

The site cabins are in place and services are being connected. The groundwater monitoring boreholes have been installed and subsequently samples of water have been taken. Work is still on course for the main remediation work to commence after Easter.

First cabins moved to site for preliminary works
RemedX and their sub-contractor Fitzwise are preparing for a presence on site at Grassmoor Lagoons. This week the first cabins will be brought to site so that the further investigation and tree clearance work can commence within the fenced lagoons area. Groundwater monitoring boreholes are also to be installed in the wider country park. Small areas of the park will need to be temporarily fenced whilst these are installed. Regular updates on progress will be provided. These preliminary works are in preparation for the main remediation work commencing after Easter.

Planning permission awarded
On the 14th November 2011, Derbyshire County Council Planning Committee met and awarded planning permission to RemedX for the application to remediate the tar lagoons at Grassmoor. The written permission and conditions were received by RemedX on the 7th December, to enable them to plan the start of the work.

Further updates will be posted in January to confirm the programme of work to divert the footpath and create a new temporary car park.

Grassmoor Lagoons newsletter - issue 01 November 2009

The newsletter aims to keep local people informed and involved with the project to remediate Grassmoor Lagoons.

Download Issue 01 November 2009 (PDF, 702KB) -
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Further update to the timetable for planning determination
Responses to the information provided on the 4th March were received from the planning officer on the 6th June 2011, from the NEDDC EHO on 12th May 2011 and EA on 16th May 2011.

RemedX have submitted further information to the planning officer on the 14th June. Detailed responses were also submitted to the Environment Agency and NEDDC EHO in response to their planning consultation queries on the 28th June 2011.

The consultees are currently reviewing this further information and it is proposed that the planning application will be considered at a committee meeting in September.

Update to the timetable for planning determination
Further information was submitted to the planning officer, the Environment Agency and NEDDC EHO in response to their planning consultation queries on the 4th March 2011.

The consultees are currently reviewing this information and it is proposed that the planning application will be considered at a committee meeting in May.

Latest timetable for planning determination
A meeting took place with the planning officer at the end of November and a revised timetable for receiving and responding to the consultation comments was agreed.

The last of the comments was provided before Christmas. RemedX will then be responding to these at the beginning of February.

The consultees will review this information and respond to the planning officer at the end of February for his planning report to be submitted for a committee meeting at the end of March or beginning of April. If planning permission is granted it is then planned for remediation work on site to commence after Easter.

Planning application submitted
RemedX Limited submitted a planning application to Derbyshire County Council for the remediation of the tar lagoons on the 9th July 2010.

The planning submission documents can be downloaded from the planning portal website or by clicking here.

The Non-Technical Summary (NTS) is also available to download by clicking here.

The NTS is a summary only and should not be relied upon as a full assessment of the Remediation Scheme. Further copies of the NTS are available free of charge from DCC upon written request.

Alternatively, the full Planning Submission can be purchased by sending a cheque payable to "RemedX Limited" for £500 to the below address, in order to cover printing costs.

FAO: Mandy Alton, RemedX Limited, 12 Royal Scot Road, Pride Park, Derby, DE24 8AL. Telephone 01332 542740

Pre-Christmas visit to site
During week commencing 29th November 2010, RemedX and Fitzwise will be working inside the fenced lagoons area, clearing vegetation on the lagoon embankments, under the supervision of an ecologist.

They will also be working in the Country Park digging trial holes and surveying an old culvert. The works will take place over a two week period.

Proposed site visit
During the last two weeks of September, RemedX will be present on site with an excavator completing additional investigation work and ecology surveys.

Removal of tree stumps and roots
In August and September 2010, RemedX and Fitzwise intend to remove the tree stumps and roots remaining from the tree cutting exercise that took place in March.

This work needs to take place before grass snakes and other invertebrates begin to prepare for hibernation over the winter period. All of the work will take place inside the fenced boundary of the Lagoons with an ecologist in attendance.

Drainage surveys underway
Over the summer months of 2010, representatives from RemedX and their civil engineering contractor Fitzwise will be inspecting and surveying the drainage systems in the Grassmoor Country Park.

The system is near to the north end of the country park next to the golf course and will entail the location and lifting of existing manhole covers, to gain a better understanding of surface water flows.

Planning application
Derbyshire County Council will submit their planning application in the coming weeks. Once submitted, a further opportunity will be provided for the public to comment on the scheme via the planning officer.

Site activity update
Tree felling in the central working areas around the lagoons will commence
15 March for a period of two weeks. This activity is planned to clear vegetation in the working area in advance of the bird-breeding season.

Public Exhibition Tuesday 1st December 2009
Local residents and users of Grassmoor Country Park are invited to attend the Grassmoor Lagoons public exhibition.

The exhibition will give you the opportunity to find out about the clean-up process for the lagoons. Members of the project team will be available to answer your questions.

We will also be seeking views on the future use of the Grassmoor Lagoons site once it is cleaned up. We hope you can join us at the Grassmoor Community Centre at any time between 12pm and 9pm on Tuesday, 1 December 2009.

Grassmoor Community Centre
New Street
S42 5EL

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